Meet the Characters

John Breaker
(Neal McDonough)


A war veteran of both the Mexican-American and Civil Wars, John was a Union officer, and is the Sheriff of his county, fair but tough, he acts first and thinks later, often compared to a bull in a China shop, think John Wayne meets Robert Duvall.


Neal McDonough has also been featured on Yellowstone, Captain America, Band of Brothers, and Red 2.











Cal Breaker
(Steven R. McQueen)


Tough like his father but with an East Coast education, likes to do things by the book but he is also a champion boxer from Yale.


Steven R. McQueen has also been featured on The Vampire Diaries, and Chicago Fire.











The Saint
(Casper Van Dien)


The most dangerous criminal mastermind West of the Mississippi, he fought alongside John in the Civil War but is John’s opposite – calculating, mean, unjust and greedy.


Casper Van Dien has also been featured on Starship Troopers and Tarzan.











Bonnie Breaker
(Annabeth Gish)


The matriarch, she wears pants when others are in dresses, the woman John breaks against, loving but tough.


Annabeth Gish has also been featured on X-Files and The Haunting of Hill House.











(Gregory Cruz)


A loyal friend and deputy of John Breaker, he also served alongside John and Cal in the Civil War.













Deputy Shanks
(Gregory Perrow)


A polished but green, deputy marshal to Cal Breaker, his father served with John in two wars.













Stacey Snyder
(Roxanna Dunlop)


A deadly beauty with ferocious eyes, a dangerous criminal who can hold her own against any man.












(Esteban Cueto)


A dangerous man, he will shoot you dead but prefers to fight using his brass knuckles.












Tucker Macready
(Greg Alan Williams)


A grim looking henchman with a ravenous scar, The Saint’s right hand man.











(Daniel Norris)


A good ole boy with a tobacco-stained grin, he has been a criminal most of his life, a quiet assassin.












Franklin York
(Isaiah Stratton)


Sniper and gun for hire, works for The Saint.












Jeremiah Handle
(Drew Waters)


He is a stoic, lean, hawk-eyed Federal Soldier. He butts heads with The Bushwhacker Leader.